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SW-218011 SWORKz S35 FastRace Shock Cap Set x4 pcs


Complete set of 4 of the FastRace Shock caps for the SWORKz S35 platform. Special Gold annodising.

The fast race caps have been somewhat a revation in 2019 with nearly all big name drivers moving that way for a growing variety of tracks.

Super easy to build up, bleed and make consistent shock action.


SW-330772 SWORKz T-7075 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Holder


Replacement Hingepin mount as used on the rear of the rear gearbox.

Full adjustement of toe and anti squat using the square inserts.

Replacement insert part numbers:
- SW-2503260 Complete set of inserts in Black
- SW-2503260-FY Complete set of inserts in Flourescent Yellow
- SW-2503260-FO Complete set of inserts in Flourescent Orange
- SW-2503260 Hingepin hanger inserts only in Black