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Clutch bell washers 5x0.1 - 5X0.2 - 5X0.3 mm


Pack of 15 Stainless Steel clutch bearing spacer shims. This kit contains five 0.1mm, five 0.2mm and five 0.3mm thick Stainless Steel shims. These shims are perfect for shimming 1/8th scale clutch bells to get the correct amount of play. Correctly shimming your clutch bell bearings to have a small amount of play is important to help maintain the life of the clutch bearings.

Differential adjust washers 16x13x0.1 - 0.2 mm x20 pcs


Pack of 20 Ultimate Racing differential shims. These are the small shims used to shim the side to side position of the front and rear differentials within the bulkheads, to adjust the backlash between the differential crown gears and the small pinion gear connecting the center drive shaft.

The pack includes 2 different thicknesses: 16x13x0.10mm (10pcs) and 16x13x0.2mm. (10pcs)

Drive shafts adjustment washers 8x10x0.1 mm x10 pcs


This is pack of 10 Ultimate Racing drive shaft shims.

These are the small shims used to shim the space between the drive shaft and the wheel hub.

Its dimensions 8,1x10x0,1 mm allows adjusting perfectly the wheel hub tolerance without affecting the proper bearing function because it just lean on the internal part of the bearing.