Buggy FTX VANTAGE 1/10 Brushed 4x4 RTR con Bateria y Cargador



Caracteristicas FTX Vantage:
- Emisora Etronix EX2 Sport 2.4 Ghz con Failsafe.
- Variador (ESC) Brushed Etronix 20Amp Waterproof.
- Motor Brushed Waterproof RC550.
- Cargador de baterias NiMh.
- Bateria NiMh Voltz 1800mah 7.2v.

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123,88 € 


Race inspired styling at an entry level price. The upgraded FTX Vantage Brushed Edition comes with everything you need to be up and running all in the box (just add AA's).

Included in this new edition is an Etronix Sportradio system, giving you all the advantages of 2.4Ghz technology. Also new, is a fully waterproof motor and speed controller, allowing you to take your Vantage even further off-road without fear of water damage to the electrics.

The 4wd shaft drivetrain features metal diff gears and front universal driveshafts, while an integrated slipper helps protect the drive from possible damage.

With adjustable turnbuckles all round and large bore oil filled shock absorbers the Vantage Brushed is raring to go at a truly amazing price.

In addition if you want to tune and upgrade your Vantage Brushed, FTX provide a wide range of carbon and aluminium upgrades that will bring your ride up to a whole new pro level.

- Race designed low profile pre-painted bodyshell.
- Moulded tub chassis.
- 4wd shaft drive with slipper system.
- Unique gearbox design for low CG.
- Lightweight high impact arms.
- Big bore oil filled adjustable shocks.
- Gearbox metal crown & pinion gear.
- Front universal driveshafts.
- Adjustable wheelbase.
- Adjustable turnbuckles.
- Fully adjustable suspension including, droop, camber, toe-in, wheelbase etc.
- Slipper for drivetrain damage protection.
- Chassis accepts NiMh or LiPo battery.
- 3kg steering servo with heatsink body.
- Wide range of option parts available.