Ministry of Bearing Oils

High end Silicone oils for Shock and Differential. They are used in Competition RC Cars.

  • Capacity 80ML
  • Shock Silicon Oil Viscosity from 100 to 950CPS
  • Differentials Silicon Oil Viscosity from 1000 to 15000CPS
  • Brand: Ministry Of bearing

Ministry of Bearing Oils

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RC Lubrication Pack Copper - White Teflon - Blue and Lithium Grease


Grasa de Litio 10 gramos - Indicada para lubricar rodamientos.
Grasa de Cobre 10 gramos - Indicada para lubricar partes metalicas, cardans, diferenciales, etc...
Grasa blanca 10 gramos - Indicada para lubricar vasos y diferenciales.
Grasa Azul 10 gramos - Indicada para la lubricación de juntas y o-rings.