Differential silicone oil 20000 CPS 36MOOD 100ML
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Differential silicone oil 20000 CPS 36MOOD 100ML

36MOOD, the Robert Batlle brand presents its first product, a complete range of silicone oils for both differentials and shock absorbers.

In addition, 36MOOD silicones are sold in 100ml containers, much larger than usual and with a new anti-drip cap that is also more comfortable by allowing it to be opened with one hand.

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36MOOD has a great commitment to the quality of its products, to such an extent that each batch of silicones is individually tested in the laboratory to ensure that the density of the silicones does not differ by 1% compared to other batches.

With 36MOOD silicones you will always have the same density, it does not matter if you have a bottle from a year ago and another manufactured today, you can be sure that they will be exactly the same.