Nitrolux Fuel Energy3 OFF ROAD 16% 5L - No License
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Nitrolux Fuel Energy3 OFF ROAD 16% 5L - No License

This fuel has already been used in some competitions by some of the team drivers, such as the European Championship in Barcelos, Portugal, demonstrating great performance on very demanding tracks and conditions.

Main features:
- Higher power in all ranges.
-Lower operating temperature.
- Easier to tune.
- No loss of power on high external temperatures.
- Protection of all engine components with its top-quality oils.
- Better runtime

€34.90 (tax incl.) €28.84 (tax excl.)
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Given the current European regulations on explosive precursors and the limitation of using a maximum of 16% by weight of nitromethane in the mixtures supplied to end customers without a license, the Nitrolux technical team together with team drivers have been testing new components for several months. As a result, we have developed our own synthetic oils and formulas to get the most out of this blend, get better lubrication with the aim of giving more power to the engines and minimize the lack of nitromethane in the blend.