SkyRC SR5 Super Rider Dirt Bike 1/4 RTR
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SkyRC SR5 Super Rider Dirt Bike 1/4 RTR

A bold, distinctive and aggressively elegant bike: SkyRC Super Rider 1/4 Scale Dirt Bike, Get Your Heart Racing & Your Blood Boiling

SkyRC Super Rider SR5 is a ready-to-run 1/4 dirt motocross with electronics and components installed in the factory.

Install the battery and get ready to run, you will enjoy its stability and terrific performance under different terrain conditions.

€389.90 (tax incl.) €322.23 (tax excl.)
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- SR5 Dirt Bike
- Manual
- Transmitter
- 4x AA Alkaline transmitter batteries
- 7.2v/6S NiMH 3000mAh battery (XT60 connector)
- eN20 Charger and wires
- Stand
- Support Bar

Electronic Gyro Board
RPM of the electronic gyro is adjustable as requested. 4 kinds of RPM are selectable:
- 8000 RPM
- 10.000 RPM
- 11.000 RPM
- 12.000 RPM

Incredibly Stable!
SkyRC Super Rider SR5 features a revolutionary stability technology ESS (Electronic Stability System), which guarantees the stability of the motocross. ESS consists of a gyro effect governor with an electronic gyro in rear wheel. With ESS, the bike is able to run stably.

Electronic Stability System (ESS) is built into the rear wheel, which incorporates a powerful brushless motor and flying wheel. Individual RPM is selectable through electronic gyro board. High RPM provides optimal stability with less cornering while low RPM offers more maneuverability with less stability.

As a motocross, power is a top priority. SkyRC Super Rider SR5 comes with a Toro 540 class 3200KV brushless motor and Leopard 60A ESC V2, which will generate amazing power to drive the bike. The power is strong enough to make a fall-down-bike stand up on its wheels. Unparalleled experience can be granted when "driving" SR5 under different terrain conditions, up hills or over jumps or else, you will fell thrilled.

- Scale: 1/4
- Length: 525mm
- Height: 416mm
- Weight: 3040g
- Front wheel: 160mm
- Rear wheel: 150mm
- Radio: 2CH 2.4GHz
- Motor: 540 Brushless 3200Kv
- ESC: Brushless 60A
- Battery: 6-8S NiMH & 2-3S LiPo is supported