Transmitter FlySky NB4 Pro receivers FGR4B FGR8B set
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Transmitter FlySky NB4 Pro receivers FGR4B FGR8B set

FlySky NB4 Pro transmitter + FGR4B receiver + FGR8B receiver set

The FlySky NB4 Pro is designed for controlling RC models, including cars, boats, trucks and tanks. It supports 7 channels and wireless charging. It operates for up to 10 h on a single charge. It allows you to comfortably traverse rough terrain, and the built-in chip is responsible for efficient operation of the device. What's more, you will find 2 receivers included: FGR4B and FGR8B, as well as a phone holder.

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Tailored to your needs
The FlySky NB4 Pro transmitter is designed so that you can tailor its operation to your needs. You can adjust the phone holder 270° or fold it down so it doesn't take up much space when stored. In addition, the handlebar is finished with a soft material for comfortable use. What's more, the FCC system allows you to extend the range up to 350 meters, and RF - up to 1 km.

Various usage scenarios
FlySky NB4 Pro is compatible with various RC models. For on-road vehicles, it supports 2nd channel, provides fast response with a delay of less than 3 ms. AFHDS3 and RF protocol increase range and improve signal to prevent interference. The built-in FS-RM005 RF protocol will work well for Kyosho Mini-Z, RWD, AWD, 4x4, etc. mini cars. What's more, it supports such systems as Brake Mixing and Programme Mixing, which will make it easier to cross different types of surfaces. You will also use the kit to control a boat or truck.

Additional features
The transmitter is equipped with a USB port, so you can connect it to your computer via a cable (included), allowing you to use VRC Pro or other RC simulators. What's more, you gain access to software updates and backup capabilities. In addition, beginners can use the FlySky assistant. In addition, the kit comes with the necessary accessories, including 2 mounts, a wireless charging base, brake pads and receivers: FGR4B and FGR8B.

Thoughtful design
The FlySky NB4 Pro constantly monitors temperature, voltage and has sensors to monitor vehicle speed. What's more, it is IPX6 water resistant and will inform you of voltage, RSSI and signal strength in real time.

- Transmitter Flysky NB4 Pro
- carrying case
- L handlebars
- XL handlebar
- USB cable
- Rear handlebar
- Metal throttle adjustment block
- Plastic throttle adjustment block
- FlySky logo lanyard
- Springs
- Smartphone holder
- Wireless charging base
- Stickers
- Brake pads
- Allen wrench 2.5/1.5 mm
- Knob
- Receiver FGr8B, FGr4B