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Cargadores para baterias

Cargadores para baterias

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Cargador de bateria LiPo V3 para 2S y 3S


Precio: 17.90E, Cargador de bateria LiPo V3 para 2S y 3S. Voltaje: 110-240V AC, Corriente máx.: 800 mAh, Compatible con: 2S -3S, Tipos de Bateria: LiPo/LiFe, Tamaño: 100x61x30 mm, Ejemplo: Batería de 7.4v 5000 mAh - El tiempo de carga oscilaría entre 6h30

Cargador - Balanceador iMAX B6


Precio: 24.90E - Cargador - Descargador - Balanceador iMAX B6 para baterías NiCd, NiMh, Pb, LiIon, LiPo y A123 (LiFe) Cargador/Descargador/Balanceador con microprocesador inteligente multifunción con capacidad par...

ULTIMATE PRO-8 Battery Charger


AC input: 100-240Volt
DC input: 11 ~ 18Volt
Max.charge power 80W
Max. discharge power 10WM
Charge current range: 0.1 ~ 8.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1 ~ 2.0A
Balance Current: 460mA
Balance tolerance: +-0.01V
NiCd/NiMH cell count: 1 ~ 15 cells
Lithium battery types: LiPo, Li-Ion, Li-Fe Li-ion: 1 ~ 6cells
Pb battery voltage: 2V ~ 20V
Dimensions: 145x115x65mm


Download User\'s Manual

ULTIMATE PRO-10 Dual Touch battery charger


Technical data:
- Operating voltage range: DC 11~18V / AC IN 220~230V
- Charging current: 0.1~10.0A (Max.100x2 - Total 200W)
- Discharge current: 0.1~2.0A (Max.10x2 - Total 20W)
- Balance current: 300mAh / cell
- Compatible batteries: Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Pb, LiPoHV.
- Dimensions: 225x170x58 mm
- Weight: 1.016 kg

Box contents:
- Charger
- 2 x Charging lead
- Instructions

Balancer Board 4 in 1


This is the 4 in 1 balance board adapter from Ultimate Racing that allows you to balance 2~6S lipo batteries with TP/HP/XH/EH balance plugs. This eliminates the need for carrying separate balance adapters for each type of battery. Do not connect more than one type of balance leads to adapter board at same time or damage may occur from the battery or charger.