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Top Quality Lexan bodies for Mugen, XRAY, Serpent, Agama, Hot Bodies, etc...

RC Bodies

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C81 - Cinta aislante de Aluminio - 4 Metros


Precio: 2.90E - C81 - Cinta aislante de Aluminio. Proporciona una protección óptima a la carrocería, disipando el calor que desprende el tubo de escape y el motor de los coches RC. Contenido: 4 metros de cinta aislante

Dual Lock Fastener Tape 15cm x2 pcs


The Ultimate Racing Body Mount Dual Lock Tape, and is intended for use with all RC cars.

It\'s not really velcro, though -- instead of hooks and loops, both surfaces have these tiny hard plastic mushroom-shaped things that grab each other by the hundreds and don\'t let go. Both sides are the same, so there is only one tape (called self-mating).  This package includes 2 pcs of 15 cm.