Motores XTR

XTR AR3 Ceramic Bearings DLC Factory Tuned Nitro Engine
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Specifications:– Displacement: 3.5cc– Bore: 16.40mm– Stroke: 16.40mm– Weight: 349gr- Max. power: 2.6 HP @ 34,000 RPM– Practical range: 4,000-42,000 RPM– Ports: 3 transfer ports– Piston: CNC-machined silicium– Sleeve: CNC-machined brass, hard chrome plated– Front ball-bearing: 7x19mm, made in Japan– Rear ball-bearing: 14×25.8mm ceramic, made in Germany– Crankshaft: 14mm– Carburettor: Alloy body with thermal isolation; 3-needle with modular venturi– Exhaust position: Rear
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