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Titan Tools Bag New

10001 - Titan Tools Bag


Now you can go to races with your own complete range of high quality and durable tools everywhere.

With the proper bag storage, your tools will have a longer life span. The tool bag come with shock absorption composite layer inside.

Comfortable to store up to 20-22 tools per bag, now it is time to have that professional look.

Double play AKA nut driver - 5.5mm - 7.0mm


The Double Play nut driver creatively lightens your toolbox by putting a 7mm and 5.5mm wrench in one! The 7mm driver fits metric wheel nuts found on most popular 1:10 buggies and short course trucks, while the 5mm driver is common for shock nuts and most nuts on metric 1:8 cars. The machined aluminum handle and sleeve provides weight reduction over standard steel tools with the added durability of a hard anodized finish.

17mm AKA wheel nut wrench


The AKA 17mm 1:8 Wheel Wrench is made from brilliantly machined and anodized aluminum for a durable and esthetically pleasing look. The business end of the wrench has been optimized to fit all open and enclosed face wheel nuts. The oversized handle features laser etched AKA logos and fits nicely into the palm of your hand, offering plenty of leverage to get those over-tightened nuts off in a breeze. The AKA 17mm wrench will surely become a staple in your tool box for years to come.

AKA 2 in 1 Handheld wheel balancer tool


The 2 in 1 handheld wheel balancer has been meticulously engineered to balance most 12mm hex and 17mm hex wheels, including 1:10 buggy, short course, 1:8 buggy and truggy (not compaitble with stadium truck). The sleek, lightweight design fits in any toolbox without taking up much room.

Package includes one balancer and one block of balancing clay.

AKA Mini pump bottle dispensator with locking cap


The AKA Mini Pump Bottle with Locking Cap is perfect in your pit for dispensing liquids such as, body cleaners, tire sauce, tire cleaners, etc. Pop the lid open, twist to unlock, and press down with a towel or cloth to dispense contents.

Works perfect for cleaning tire beads during the mounting process and many more applications.

AKA Pro multi-tip tire punch


The AKA Pro Multi-Tip Tire Punch is used for for punching vent holes in tires from 1:10 all the way to 1:5 scale.

It features six forged steel tips: 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm.

AKA\'s Tire Punch is constructed of high-strength-steel which is powder-coated black to help withstand the abuse at the track and help protect against rust.

A spring loaded comfort handle for ease of use and locking lever for protection when not in use.