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AR220019 - Emisora ATX100 + Receptor


Precio: 49.90E, AR220019 - Emisora ATX100 + Receptor. Caracteristicas: Trim de direccion Trim de acelerador Dual Rates de direccion Bindado sencillo Incluye: 1 x ATX100 Emisora 2.4Ghz Radio 1 x ARX100 Receptor 2.4Ghz

AR310433 - Diff. case Set


1 x Caja de diferencial
1 x Set de placas interiores
1 x Junta de diferencial
4 x Tornillos cabeza de botón - M3 x 12mm
1 x Prisionero M4 x 3mm

Fits on: Senton, Typhon, Outcast, Kraton, Talion

AR310444 - Diff. Gasket x3 pcs.


This high-quality Diff Gasket is specially designed to prevent oil leakage from your Diff assembly.

Precision manufactured for exact diameter. This provides a secure seal for your Diff unit - Supplied as a pack of three so you always have spares when servicing your vehicle

Fits on: Senton, Typhon, Outcast, Kraton, Talion